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Summer Travels 2011….(1)


Thought I’d give this blogging thing a go while I am away…two reasons really; one, to keep in touch, and two, to write as I go, which might help me out at a later date if I need to put any presentations together….

So here goes.

I’m currently sat in the cafeteria at Roskilde University in Denmark, having skipped out of the morning sessions for one reason only. Because they were dull. I am definitely suffering from conference fatigue….

The introduction to the conference…


However, both the first and second days were great…really useful for the dissertation, and enlightening as to the wider theory around the subject I am studying (which for those that don’t know is social enterprise in the specific context of architectural design and Localism in the UK). The paper I am here to present went down fairly well yesterday…i think that, in the graveyard slot at 18:15 (!) people just liked seeing my pretty pictures in the slideshow….but I got some good questions and useful comments. It was a strange experience though….having had my nerves soothed by the kindly Irish facilitator and having helped a smug but confused Frenchman find his powerpoint, I had to squeeze myself in between an impenetrable Finn and a gung-ho Australian and deliver my (by this point severly humbled) case study (Hill Holt Wood) and plea for rigorous academic advice. If you’re interested, the paper can be found here (Brown_S_Exploring Architecture in Civil Society), and the slideshow, without audio, can be found here (Sam Brown – EMES – Exploring Architecture in Civil Society – 97-2003 ).

I’m also going to try and use lots of different ways to record the things I do and see…including an embarrassing web video, which you can find below). I’ll be using photographs, and audio from the dictaphone as I walk around places. Varying the method makes it less of a chore, and actually I think it helps me to remember things…each observation is then attached to a set of conditions that stay in the memory longer.

So yeah, thats it for the time being! Those of you that like this sort of thing might enjoy it, those of you that take the piss, will take the piss, which I’m pretty used to by now 😛


Roskilde University…


Until the next time I feel compelled to write something, here’s my first video diary…

Diary entry 1 – 05/07/2011 pt.1

Diary entry 1 – 05/07/2011 pt.2


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