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Kai At Work…

Photographer and sometime traveller (adventurer ?) Kai Murphy has an amazing collection of his work at Kai At Work. Using mostly out of date film from the 70’s and 80s, as well as playing with digital photography on the side, his work carries a sens of having already aged, as well as promising to potential to continue to do so. The ethical stance he adopts, especially with regard to the perpetuation of the trade in imagery of leppars in India adds further to the weight of his work…

Read a Guardian article about his work here and find his facebook page here.

Oh, and he’s my mate…

No Place Like Home – Mandurai, India – 2009

Smoke On The Water 2/3 – Periyar Tiger Reserve, Karala, India – 2009

Complete Control – Manudrai, India – 2009

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Steve Bella

Steve Bella’s light paintings in a deep dark cave…

…are amazing.

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