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Hackney Podcast

“Had a fantastic walk in the snow today, out through Endcliffe Park and into the peaks, dipping into the Hackney Podcasts through such topics as ‘Water’, ‘Coffeecast’, ‘Ian Sinclair’ and many others. Drinking in the blue end of spectrum, and clarifying the inner sanctum of the mind – stories are a way in to a complex history, and journalism is an effective tool for finding them…”


The Hackney Podcasts give a wealth of fascinating stories about Hackney Wick, and the London Borough of Hackney in general…

The Hackney podcast involves a flexible team of contributors, local musicians, historians and poets, as well as other audio producers, all of whom give their time for free. The Hackney Podcast was set up in 2008 to record the borough’s different faces: one of Britain’s poorest places but culturally one of its richest; an area of London profoundly marked by its history but, as the Olympics loom, caught in a frenzied period of change. From its first days, the podcast – available free to download – has provided an eclectic mix of politics, environmental issues and scenes from local life alongside cutting-edge art, literature and music.

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