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Summer Travels 2011…(12) – Sensemaking

I made the following two videos a while ago, but have only just managed to upload them since moving into my new flat. They should go some way towards making sense of the situation I’ve found myself in in Jerusalem.


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Social Assemblage / Spatial Assemblage

I’ve been using simples diagrams to explore and define the spatial and social assemblage in my project – this should help me make some decisions about exactly how people use various spaces and for what reasons, which will help me interrogate the plans I produced earlier.

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Diagramming – My Architectural Education

Ive become interested in diagramming as a way to make complex information more explicit…this interest was sparked by Ted Cullinan‘s lecture style, witnessed at Studio In The Woods as he sketched loosely onto to acetate projected via OHP onto a barn wall as he spoke. More recently, Satwinder Samra at the Sheffield School of Architecture uses slightly more considered diagrams, which although pre-planned, are sketched ‘live’ as he talks to illustrate the content of his lectures.

Here, I have tried to make explicit the less tangible aspects of my path through architectural education, which will hopefully inform aspects of my studies for the ARC571 – Reflections on Architectural Education module with Rosie Parnell. It is intended as a first draft, and hopefully the diagram will evolve as I become able to consider it more, and as my perception widens. I hope to try this out with students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the undergraduate course to compare experiences…

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