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Theory & Research in Design
Academic Module: ARC553
Tutor: Flora Samuel, University of Sheffield



– Fri 14/01/2011 – Research Methodology Essay

Methodology Assignment….done!

Please find below…

Brown S – 100235416 – Theory & Research Assignment – Methodology

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Rule of Thirds…(tactics)

I’ve found that when I do written assignments, I always write about one third too much (in relation to the prescribed word count…). Although it is perhaps a necessary part of my process (I tend to write a lot and then reduce it down to the most eloquent parts), I could do with reducing the amount by which I ‘overwrite’…

I find that the most productive parts of writing are when I change activity or environment….sitting at the laptop at a desk all day (until you get something done!) is just not always the best way…

For example, with the a recent assignment on methodology, the biggest surges in self-confidence came when I watched the videos of the speakers again, and made detailed notes (I felt like I now knew my subject…) and when I printed out a current copy and went through it with a big red pen (I could comprehend the extent of what I had written, and engage with it in a more intuitive way than through mouse and keyboard…). Maybe I should just be more agile in my approach to writing?

I also need reminding that its important to keep the phrase ‘I’ out of academic writing, despite the style of much of the edgy pop-architecture literature that gets pushed my way…

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Test Post


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