I am now officially blogging for Building Design (BD) magazine – a weekly trade publication for the construction industry – as part of their PolyArk and student section overhaul. I have been asked to post on anything relevant to my student life: my course, my opinions, student life in general or any exhibitions, shows, or social activities that I engage with….

PolyArk is a forum through which architecture students share and discuss work, ideas and events. Founded by Cedric Price in the 1970s, PolyArk has attained mythic status in the profession, with hotly contested – and highly improbably – accounts abounding. At its core was the key idea of connecting students and tutors around the UK to offer a broader and more vivid education. BD is supporting Polyark II, launched at the end of 2009, where 8 architecture schools will explore the original idea of a design undertaken in transit. The schools are: Architecture Association, Birmingham, Canterbury, Strathclyde, De Montfort, Liverpool, Lincoln and London South Bank. Which I have managed to gatecrash as a former De Montfort student now studying for my MArch (RIBA Part 2) qualification at the Sheffield School of Architecture…

Blog posts are likely to be posted officially here…although I will also post them on this page after they have been published by BD.

Post 1 – 20/04/2011 – Contemplating Practice…

Post 2 – 16/05/2011 – The Review – What Is Our Education For?

Post 3 – 10/06/2011 – Craftsmanship and Dialogue – Richard Sennett comes to town…

Part 4 – 04/07/2011 – End of Year Exhibition at Sheffield School of Architecture….

Part 5 – 26/07/2011 – From Crookes to the Temple Mount

Part 6 – 08/08/2011 – Herding Cats – News from the Middle East

Part 7 – 01/09/2011 – Back. And Forth

Part 8 – 21/09/2011 – Going Round the Houses

Part 9 – 07/10/2011 – Live and Learn

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