So why blog?

For me, knowledge – and its trade – represents a way into society. Society functions on the flux of capital; financial, cultural, social, etc. Blogging is an easy way to synthesis, reflect, share and collect information, and through that process turn it into knowledge – which can be ‘traded’ as social capital.

I am interested in this flux, and particularly in how to make it explicit; in mapping complexity and in revealing the ecology of information that characterizes our world. I am interested in how my skills, as a student of architecture, of understanding and synthesizing complex scenarios and assemblages, can be applied to the field of teaching, learning and understanding.

I have always been fascinated by etymology and the evolution of language, which will only continue to evolve and transform as digital media give us new ways to interact and build relationships with different people in different places for different reasons.

I hope that this experiment pays dividend in my access to – and broadcast of –  learning, whilst simultaneously serving as a record of the processes involved and facilitating critical reflection. Please feel free to contact me at samuel.brown.is@googlemail.com, or leave comments on this blog.


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