Teddy Cruz on architectural epistemology…

(For anyone confused by the gap between me sounding very fed up in Tel Aviv, and this post – I’ll backdate it as soon as I can upload the photographs)

Trying to get my head back into my dissertation, I’ve been looking back at the material I have collected over the last few months. I’m trying to draw a ‘Practice Diagram’, as alluded to by Teddy Cruz in the video below. It should usefully serve as a record of the contingency of my research, and help to make sense of the emerging argument running through it.

As Cruz says, “…as artists, we like to think [of the world as] palimpsest; dense, rich. But we need [sometimes] to make sense. As artists we [sometimes] hide in ambiguity, where not knowing is also important…but we need [here] to get to a level of specificity, committing to a certain set of ideas that can rigorously take us through a process”.

Thus, I hope the Practice Diagram will be a way to navigate through the complex sets of ideas I’ve been assembling, exacerbated by an innate inability to reject anything I find along the way. I’m developing a bit of an interest in ‘architectural epistemology’! i.e. On what basis do we claim to know what we know? How do we go about knowing? Important questions I feel, for a discipline that makes claims to professional knowledge, especially amidst growing doubt about what we do, actually, know…

(Presentation recorded at the Designing Civic Encounters conference, Ramallah, Palestine on 24/07/2011. Further material is available here)


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