Summer Travels 2011…(3)

The view from my hotel towards the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock...


Here’s the first video from Israel…I’ll write about this maybe in a day or two, as the experience has so far been totally overwhelming, and there’s far too much to get in right now!

The aim of the Jerusalem Urban Resilience Design Studio is to mediate between this dichotomy that plagues Israeli-Palestinian planning. By involving international delegation, the IPCC hope to catalyze a discussion about a 'third way'' that is modern and urban, but does not follow the groove of Jewish settlement...

I’ve been working at the office again today, and feeling a lot better….psychologically, it does wonders if you have a specific task to get on with, so I’ve plumped for one group’s task of collating typologies and precedents of ‘good streets’. I drew up some examples from my own experience and from photos the others had, of Tel Aviv, Havana and San Francisco. This work forms part of our early tasks for the masterplan…part of our role here is to show what is possible, rather than adhering to the usual options of ‘settlement’ style colonies….

I’ll also follow with some photos from the first day of wandering round the old city, and from my first day with the IPCC international project team…

Anyway, I’ll write more another time. Please dont be too alarmed by the video…documenting my thoughts in the heat of the moment is part and parcel of this process, and so it probably comes across that the first day was utterly overwhelming…

And just to show you the division of labour I allude to in the above video….



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