Plans from models….

As part of my ongoing process to develop my studio design project – tentatively titled the Academy of Added Value – I have begun a process through which I first give from through models, then draw a plan of the model, before critiquing and rationalising the plan and returning to models or exploring through section. I will also be exploring relationships between spaces diagrammatically as part of this process. These plans immediately need alteration – I feel that the scheme is too large overall, and that the architecture of the various programmatic elements (mentor units / CHP plant / canteen / reception (’embassy’) on the ground floor, and library / ‘silent’ space / roof garden / link to existing building of first floor) needs to link together better. However, its been good to get a ‘first iteration’ out, tangible, in order for it to be critiqued. I treat this plan as a point of departure.

The models to which these plans relate can be found in a previous post .

Ground Floor Plan – 1:100 @A2 – (PDF – First Draft – GF – 1-100 – A2)

First Floor Plan – 1:100 @A2 – (PDF – First Draft – FF – 1-100 – A2)


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