I am now a fully trained Spaceshaper Co-Facilitator!

A group of us from 5th and 6th year MArch at Sheffield spent the day at Woodseats Primary School in the city helping to facilitate a consultation day with 60 year 6 children, from whom Sheffield City Council were seeking opinions about the condition of their local Barbers Fields…

Over a totally knackering day, I had to take a group of 8 on my own whilst we explored the space, before conducting four activities that explored aspects of it such as access, maintenance, design and appearance and wildlife. Spaceshaper aims to gather the opinions of young people about their local environment, which can be used by designers when making proposals. It involves young people in design by helping them to imagine how other people might use the space investigated, and our role as co-facilitators is to help them articulate and explore their thoughts.

As a program Spaceshaper was initially pursued as CABE, and our Lead Facilitators were Andrea and Kat from the Beam Architecture Centre in Wakefield.

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