Cedric Price – We are all disabled…

We are all frequently disabled—whether in a rush, in a foreign place, drunk, 18 years old or less, tired or old. Safety must be as integral a part of design as delight. The availability of almost subliminal information is prime. Anticipation in design and dispensation is as important as is in the reception. For delight and well being extra knowledge can enrich the commonplace. Architecturally, the content of visual information must be for the observer and not for the dispenser who demands recognition for his three dimensional dexterity.

– Cedric Price, “Anticipatory Architecture: Cedric Price Special Issue,” in Architect’s Journal ( 5 September 1996 ): 36.


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  1. Excellent quote…
    I just stumble upon your blog by searching for Cedric Price… It is really nice to find out about other architecture students shearing information.

    Heri Rodriguez

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