Tutorial – 20/02/2011

Just had a really successful tutorial…one of those moments where you think you have nothing, and only a few drawings to explain nothing with, and then it all comes together when you start talking to someone. I guess there is a bit of a need for ‘tutor validation’ in this, but maybe this is actually just a need for ‘validation’. Its human to need the support of others…

Anyway, outcomes and goals;

–   …the tutorial was successful because I chose a good ‘journey’ through the project to explain it. I gave it a good angle by admitting contingency (‘i.e. living with Hellen; my experience of social enterprise ‘assemblage’ and HHW), as this illustrated my learning experience well. I want to mimic this for the Reviews in a couple of weeks’ time.

–    …quick drawings can be great for making connections and pulling things out. I should do more of these. I identified a set of drawings to do, as experiments without fear of mistakes, and this is now pinned to my wall in our re-arranged studio.

–    …rearranging the studio was also a good move, as I now feel like I have the space to survey what I have achieved so far, and establish my next steps.


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