…Of Crates


The milk crates – stuffed into the back of the vans with little written instruction – give the means by which to create a forum at a variety of scales. A Driver with a story to tell – perhaps from a text dropped into his van – can begin the Forum…

Here a number of Drivers have converged, signalling the progression of a Forum with their chimes and adding more crates as the crowd approached its critical mass..

Warmth and light are integrated into the crates by the Makers…old car headlamps and seat heaters put to new uses, powered by old 6V car batteries, emanating a glow that combats the winter discomfort…

This drawing has been another exercise in production for me – I wanted to make the crowd look varied in appearance, rather than simply repeating a set of standard CadBlock line drawings. I again looked to the combination of Google Sketchup’s 3D Warehouse and Adobe Illustrator, and found a set of 3D people modelled as a group. I took that group, exploded it and arranged the figures in a variety of combinations, taking 2D DWG linework exports as I went from a variety of angles. This produced quick, non-uniform silhouettes that I could stroke and fill in Illustrator, controlling the opacity to create a densely layered effect…



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