A Forum…

The operator of tea wagon curates the fractious knowledge of the Wick – he can collect an dispense well, as he is elevated about his customers…

I would suppose that the form of the Forum evolved as spectators became entrepreneurial, eager to see over those in front. Debris would have been appropriated, forming an amphitheatre-like construction that – however temporary and unsure – would have created the architecture of the event; that of the airing and sharing of knowledge, stories and important information.

What if the Ice Cream Vans loose in the Wick could operate both singularly and concurrently to create a forum? An exponential event that would draw out the stories and knowledge of the Wick, attracting passers-by and intentional participants alike before reaching critical mass and dispersing without a trace?

Ice Cream – made from milk – offers the building blocks of a potential forum…


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