Please Get Me These Books…

Below is a list of books referenced in many of the things Im interested in….when someone says ‘get this book’, or ‘i was inspired by this book’, it goes on this list….

– ‘Break point and beyond – mastering the future and beyond’ – George Land + Beth Jarman

– ‘Bldgblog Book: Architectural Conjecture, Urban Speculation, Landscape Futures’ – Geoff Manaugh

– ‘A Thousand Years on Non-Linear History’ – Manuel De Landa

– ‘When Friday Comes – Football in a War Zone’ – James Montague (here)

– Anything on this list

– ‘Handmade Houses and Other Buildings’ – John May

– ‘1000 details in architecture’ – BooQs

– ‘The new architectural generation’ – Kieran Long

– ‘Colonial modernism – aesthetics of the past, rebellions for the future’ – Black Dog Publishing

– ‘New Urban Housing’ – Hilary French

– ‘Self-Fab Housing’ – IAAC

– ‘The Placemaker’s Guide to Building Community’ – Nabeel Hamdi (

– ‘Architecture & Participation’ – Peter Blundell-Jones, Doina Petrescue, Jeremy Till (

– ‘Flexible Housing’ – Jeremy Till, Sarah Wigglesworth, Tatjana Schneider (


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