Post-screening feedback…

Having met today at Arbourthorne for a final ‘thank you’ meal (an awesome curry cooked by staff and served by the kids…), we were pleasantly surprised by some of the feedback Richard Crook had to give about the film we screened at the Showroom;

1/ One key council worker was persuaded to quit her job, after realising she wanted to work with kids again having seen the film. She said the medium conveyed all those intangible aspects that just don’t hit home in the usual reports she reads about good work done in schools. Lesson: Words are compelling, but images and a story seal the deal…

2/ The Director of CYPS (Children and Young Persons Service) brought up at a later meeting that they had been convinced of the power of partnerships between universities and basic education provision in schools, and that linking up with universities was now a big part of their strategic thinking following the evidence presented in our film.

So, some tangible results at high level…


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