Ice Cream Vans…(hibernation)

Hi Sam,

This is good.Yes, a detailed study of the van is also needed.

Two other things to think about:

1. Zoom out – you need to study this condition from a slightly larger distance – one where you cansee the context of the space AND start to draw the vans migration out from the site across eastLondon. How does the situation you are looking at fit in with the immediate context? I have got to sayan axo would be good for this. Figure out how to draw one in a quick way (simple sketch up > print >hand trace?) then layer up all of your thoughts onto it.

2. You have explained the informal reading very well. Compliment it with the formal version of eachsituation or observation.Once you have done these 3 things (two above plus the van study), you need to review all the themesand issues that you have raised (clearly state what your intervention will be about) and then work onproposing an intervention that disrupts or changes things, as discussed.

Hope this helps,





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