Tutorial – 9/12/2010

Tutor: Sam Vardy
Slot: 10am, Thur 09 Dec 2010
Peers: Tim Butcher, Anthony Hogger


I need to get drawing. I know I have a tendency to write, but this studio is about exploring ideas through drawing, using them in an almost meditative way to diverge thought and explore a situation spatially.

This studio is also about activism. Linking to the tendency to write described above, I should not feel like I have to know what I’m going to draw before I draw it. I should just draw, not necessarily knowing everything about the subject of the drawing. Drawing as a process, not just an outcome.

I need to get spatial. Spatial has always been a hard  term for me to grasp (is this worrying as a student of architecture?), and I think this is because of its wanton and loosely-defined use as a term within the culture of architectural design. I now (currently – it will probably change) understand spatial to simply mean ‘the non-linear inter-relation of things in space‘. Through drawing, I should explore situations analytically and spatially…



1/ Produce drawings

2/ Particularly focus on the axonometric drawing to analyse a given spatial condition…

3/ Remember enclosure; space is defined by context as well as object…

4/ Look at Recetas Urbanas for ideas of how to convey intervention ideas…


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