Montage as an appropriate technique for this subject area (taken from ‘The Illegal Architect’ – Johnathan Hill);

1/Montage, as a non-organic form of art, proclaims its artificiality and opposes the organic work of art, which obscures its artificiality;

2/ In organic art, the individual parts are subordinate to, and in harmony with, the overall composition, while, in non-organic art, the parts, setting and context are in contradiction with each other

3/ Montage deploys all the techniques of allegory; depletion of meaning; fragmentation and juxtaposition of parts; their dissemination through a new context

4/ The uneasy resolution of montage indicates that meaning is historically contingent, open to revision, and cultural rather than natural

5/ Montage directly engages with modes of representation outside of the discipline of architectural design, through the appropriation of procedures and images taken from the world as a whole.

6/ Although Industrialisation has produced a fragmentation of experience and perception, it has also…created the means by which the world could be comprehended and reconstructed.


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