Potential Studio Innovation…

Self-Reflective Collage

This is somewhat different in scale of ambition to that above; I imagine it taking half a day maximum, and being a short one-off activity (as opposed to something of a ‘legacy’, as inherent in the knowledge server idea).
Basically, I would take a group of students for a half-day session, and ask them to produce a collage. The collage could be 2D, or 3D (maybe I’ll call it an ‘assemblage’), and would represent each student. The collage would be fairly free from restrictions, other than some compulsory ‘items’ or elements. I would ask them specifically to address themes fundamental to autonomy (yet to be finalised);
– timeline – asking them to represent how they see themselves in the wider scale of their education, or even life…
– work attitude – how important is ‘work’ (ideas of work-to-live / live-to-work / way-of-life, etc)
– essentials – a representation of something important (family, daylight, food, etc)
– play – something that represents free-time, or something other than ‘work’
– weakness – something that represents a ‘demon’, or something to accept or overcome
– strength – something well developed, or characteristic
I guess its almost a kind of SWOT analysis actually….
I would then get the students to ‘pin up’ and discuss their collages, reflecting on how they have situated themselves, or described themselves ‘abstractedly’. I like the idea that it might leave them with some kind of permanent record of something, and a creative process of reflection which they might engage and re-engage with at a later date; a personal tool for self-reflection, which I view as an essential piece of kit for autonomous learning.
What do you think? Bonkers? Rubbish? Or worth a go?

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